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The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the global average and the risks and opportunities that the current and expected impacts of climate change will play a major role in redefining and shaping Canada for the next century.

Investment in the Arctic globally is expected to be over $225bn over the next decade as climate change improves international shipping routes and marine-based accessibility to natural resources and tourism opportunities. This is a situation that will test Canada’s safety and security, it could change maritime trade routes and related international geopolitics, and it will challenge northern communities.

It is vital that research be used to support policy for and management of this new Arctic frontier in ways that ensure the establishment of a sustainable and prosperous Arctic Canada while also safeguarding northern ecosystems and respecting the rights and traditions of Indigenous northerners.

The Research Lead

The Arctic Change cluster is headed by Jackie Dawson, Core Member of the ISSP, Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy, Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts and ArcticNet’s scientific co-director at the University of Ottawa.

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