Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

About the Research Cluster

Researchers in the ISSP's Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Cluster focus on three overlapping, interdisciplinary, areas of research. First, they investigate the underlying social implications of AI and robotics, such as trust and accountability, to gain a deeper understanding of the issues at play.

Second, they work directly with engineers and computer scientists to develop engineering design practices that take ethical considerations into account in the design of AI and robotics.

Finally, they engage policymakers to work towards policies and governance structures that foster innovation while addressing key social issues that require attention. The ISSP is uniquely positioned to conduct this research with its membership representing faculty members from engineering, law, and the arts and social sciences.

The Research Lead

The ​Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research Cluster is headed by Jason Millar, Core Member of the ISSP, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in the Ethical Engineering of Robotics and AI and Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering.

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