Global Knowledge Society: A Promise in Peril? - December 2018

New technologies open exciting opportunities for knowledge, research, and education to cross borders. From massive online university courses to artificial intelligence mining big data to social media - innovations like these hold a promise of progress toward a vision of a global knowledge society - one where knowledge, shared freely across the globe, becomes key to achieving sustainable development, peace, and empowerment for all.

But recently, the same tools that can bring liberation have been exposed for contributing to erosion of the cultural and political foundations of free society. The panelists discussed whether our progress toward a global knowledge society is in peril, what barriers exist to globalizing knowledge and the benefits and risks associated with living in a global knowledge society.


Speaker's bios (PDF file)


Event photos (Facebook album)

The Official Videos of the event (Youtube link)

The Official Videos of the event (Facebook link)

Opening Remarks


Guy Lévesque, Associate Vice-President, Research Support and Infrastructure, University of Ottawa




Professor Monica Gattinger, Director, ISSP, University of Ottawa




Paul Dufour, Senior Fellow, ISSP, University of Ottawa 



Professor Rees Kassen, Department of Biology, University of Ottawa (ISSP Core Member)



Professor Errol Mendes, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, University of Ottawa (ISSP Advisory Committee Member)



Professor Daniel Paré, Department of Communication and School of Information Studies, University of Ottawa (ISSP Core Member)



Michèle Stanton-Jean, Guest Scholar at the Université de Montréal and former Québec representative within the Canadian permanent delegation to UNESCO (ISSP Advisory Committee Member)


Christine Trauttmansdorff, Vice-President, Government Relations and Canadian Partnerships, Colleges and Institutes Canada

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