How has COVID affected public trust in expertise?

About the event

On Thursday, October 14, at 12:00 PM, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy hosted its kickoff event for the 2021/22 academic year.

The cascading crises initiated by COVID-19 have placed new and enormous pressures on decision-makers. The underlying science is quickly evolving, often contested, and not easily translated into policy recommendations. Moreover, we do not always agree on the appropriate roles for scientists, political leaders, and public servants. The panelists will discuss the successes and failures of COVID governance and what they mean for trust in expertise and public sector decision-making over the longer term.

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Welcome Remarks and Moderator

Monica Gattinger

Prof. Monica Gatinger, Director, ISSP and Full Professor at the School of Political Studies, uOttawa


Prof. Josephine Etowa, Faculty Affiliate, ISSP and Full Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, uOttawa





Patrick Fafard

Prof. Patrick Fafard, Core member of the ISSP and Full Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, uOttawa 





Maxime Lê, Public Health Project Officer, Ottawa Public Health and Principal, Lê & Co. Consultants
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