Food for Thought: Science, Society and Policy in the Age of COVID19: What Changes will Stick? Which will Prove Fleeting?

About the event

On Thursday, September 24, at 12:00 PM, the uOttawa Institute for Science, Society and Policy hosted a diverse group of ISSP members from Canada and the United States to tackle COVID-19 issues.

COVID-19 has made 2020 a year of rapid, tumultuous change. Whether it’s shifting political and social norms, economic collapse, the hunt for a vaccine, or the unintended impacts of lockdowns, COVID-19 will continue to transform the great scientific, societal, and policy priorities of our time. But how will these challenges evolve into 2021 and beyond? Which changes will prove fleeting, which could become permanent, and what changes have yet to materialize?

Welcome Remarks and Moderator

Monica Gattinger

Monica Gatinger, Director, ISSP and Full Professor at the School of Political Studies, uOttawa

Opening Remarks

Brendan Frank

Brendan Frank, Acting Research Director, ISSP, uOttawa


Stephen Blank

Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow, ISSP, uOttawa






Kimberly Girling, Acting Executive Director, Evidence for Democracy




Errol Mendes


Errol Mendes, Professor Faculty of Law, uOttawa
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