Food for Thought: The Grand Challenge of Reconciliation

About the event

On Thursday, March 25, at 12:00 PM, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy will host Tosh Southwick, co-owner operator of IRPotential and ISSP Advisory Committee member, to discuss the challenges of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Reconciliation centers around the re-set of how Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, communities, and governments work together in a sense of true partnership, respect of different world views and recognition of rights holders. Drawing on her experience as an executive, educator and consultant, Tosh will explore how this hard and complex work has the potential to inform the way we can work across different cultures, governments, world views, and geographic regions to solve the global complex challenges of our time. 

Opening Remarks

Monica Gattinger

Monica Gatinger, Director, ISSP and Full Professor at the School of Political Studies, uOttawa


Sandra Schillo

Sandra Schillo, Core Member, ISSP and Associate Professor at The Telfer School of Management, uOttawa


Tosh Southwick, Member of the Advisory Committee, ISSP and Co-owner operator of IRPotential

Closing Remarks

Marisa Beck

Marisa Beck, Research Director, ISSP, uOttawa
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