Food for Thought: The emergence and resilience of decentralized brands: Bitcoin

About the event

On Thursday, April 29, at 12:00 PM, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy hosted Prof. Mariam Humayun, Faculty Affiliate, ISSP and Assistant Professor, Marketing, Telfer School of ManagementuOttawa, to discuss the emergence and resilience of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been told to rest in peace more than 200 times since its inception. And yet it keeps returning from the dead. Based on an ethnographic and netnographic study of the Bitcoin/Blockchain community from 2014-present, Dr. Humayun's talk will focus on how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ecosystems are evolving and what makes them resilient.

Opening Remarks

Monica Gattinger

Prof. Monica Gatinger, Director, ISSP and Full Professor at the School of Political Studies, uOttawa


Prof. Patrick Leblond, Faculty Affiliate, ISSP and Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, uOttawa


Prof. Mariam Humayun, Faculty Affiliate, ISSP and Assistant Professor, Marketing, Telfer School of Management, uOttawa

Closing Remarks

Marisa Beck

Marisa Beck, Research Director, ISSP, uOttawa

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