Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz

About the keynote speaker

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz is a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Since April 2005, Brito Cruz is the Scientific Director of FAPESP. He was President of the São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, from 1996 to 2002 and Rector of Unicamp from April 2002 to April 2005. He has been the President of the Board of Technology and Competitiveness of FIESP (2005-2012). He has been the Vice President of the Brazilian Society of Physics and member of the Advisory Board of the International Optical Society of America. His research is in ultrafast phenomena using ultra-short laser pulses, with emphasis on the study of electronic processes in the time-scale of femtoseconds in nonlinear optical materials aimed for applications in optical communications. He graduated in Electronic Engineering from ITA in 1978. He obtained the title of Master of Science in 1980 and the Doctor of Sciences in 1983, at the Institute of Physics Gleb Wataghin, Unicamp.

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