Aligning Science, Society and Policy for the Grand Challenges of our Time

About the event

On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, at 4:30 PM, the ISSP organised the panel Aligning Science, Society and Policy for the Grand Challenges of our Time, as a part of the Canadian Science Policy Conference 2020.

Meeting the grand challenges of our time – from climate change to COVID-19 – compels Canada to bridge and align science, society and policy imperatives amid polarization, mistrust and misinformation.

This panel convenes leading scholars at uOttawa pioneering cutting-edge approaches to do just that in energy and climate, artificial intelligence, public health and inclusive innovation. How are they mobilizing knowledge to find trusted and effective solutions? What can be applied to other challenges? How can we build on this to secure Canada’s prosperity, environmental resilience, health and social equity? Public, private and Indigenous leaders will share their perspectives on the issues.


Martine Lagace

Professor Martine Lagacé, Advisory Committee Member and Faculty Affiliate of the ISSP; Vice-President, Research Promotion and Development, uOttawa



Kelly Bronson

Professor Kelly Bronson, Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Science and Society, ISSP; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, uOttawa




Professor Josephine Etowa, Full Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, uOttawa


Monica Gattinger

Professor Monica Gattinger, Director, ISSP; Full Professor, School of Political Studies, uOttawa


Professor Jason Millar, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research and Engagement Cluster Lead, ISSP; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, uOttawa


Sandra Schillo

Professor Sandra Schillo, Inclusive Innovation Research and Engagement Cluster Lead, ISSP; Associate Professor, Telfer School of Management, uOttawa


Expert Commentators

Ginny Flood, Incoming Chair, Clean Resource Innovation Network (Past Chair, Canadian Chamber of Commerce)




Dr. Bob Walker, Senior Fellow, ISSP, uOttawa (former Chief Scientist, DND)


Robert Watts, Vice-President Indigenous Relations, Nuclear Waste Management Organization (former CEO, Assembly of First Nations)
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