Climate change is real: Now what? - March 2019

The Institute for Science, Society and Policy and the Royal Canadian Institute for Science were delighted to host the first panel of the second year of the ISSP-RCIScience Lecture Series. The series focusses on the impact of emerging science and technology on society. On March 5, we discussed the science, policy and societal implications of climate change.

Climate change is a defining challenge of our time. How can communities develop a plan for the future? Scientists say that a key planning tool involves mapping vulnerabilities to climate change. What does that mean? How is a community declared vulnerable to climate change? Where does the data come from, how is risk calculated and what does it mean? What will this mean to the health and economic development of the community?


Speaker's bios (PDF file)


Event photos (Facebook album)

The Official Videos of the event (Youtube link)

The Official Videos of the event (Facebook link)

Opening Remarks


Marisa Beck, Director of Research, Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa





Cara Marshall, Director of Communications, Office of the Chief Science Advisor of Canada




Peter Berry, Senior Policy Analyst and Science Advisor to the Director at the Climate Change and Innovation Bureau, Health Canada (Presentation, PDF file)




Dr. Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair, Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Dept of Geography & Planning, Queen’s University (Presentation, PDF file)



Maya Papineau, Assistant Professor of Economics, Carleton University (Presentation, PDF file)


Closing Remarks


Helle Tosine, Past Board Chair, Royal Canadian Institute for Science

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