CCA Releases New Report on Subnational Science Policy

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has released its latest workshop report, Science Policy: Considerations for Subnational Governments.

In Canada, science is as much a provincial endeavour as it is a national one. Science has the potential to inform policy development and enhance public welfare in areas such as security, health, the environment, education, and social policy. Investments in science can create new economic opportunities and help develop the knowledge and social capital of specific regions. Realizing these benefits, however, requires effective science policies across all levels of government

To inform ongoing work relating to provincial science policy, the Alberta Government asked the Council of Canadian Academies to convene an expert workshop to identify key considerations for science policies relevant to subnational jurisdictions, and specifically to Canadian provinces.

To lead the development of the workshop and complete the necessary background research, the CCA appointed a five-member Steering Committee, chaired by Joy Johnson, FCAHS, Vice President, Research, Simon Fraser University. Other steering committee members were Paul Dufour, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa, and Principal, Paulicy Works; Janet Halliwell, Principal, J.E. Halliwell Associates, Inc.; Kaye Husbands Fealing, Chair and Professor, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Marc LePage, President and CEO, Genome Canada.

The workshop, held November 21-22, 2016 in Canmore, Alberta, brought together perspectives from academia, government, research institutions, and industry. The final report of the Workshop Steering Committee is an insightful, high-quality study that identifies key considerations for the development of science policies and is intended to be used as a roadmap to guide conversations and inform decision-making about science policies at the subnational level.

The full report, and supplementary materials, are available for download, free of charge, on the CCA's website (
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