After 70 Good Years, Rocky Times Ahead - March 2019

The ISSP was delighted to host Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow at the ISSP, for a public lecture on the history and future of decision-making.

We live today in a moment of remarkable historic transition – the end of “The 70 Good Years” and the emergence of a new global order. We leave a world largely characterized by linear change in many critical dimensions, and enter a new world in which discontinuous change is the rule. We leave a world in which change has been generally clear, one step proceeding upon another. We enter a world in which future scenarios diverge widely. The key drivers of this powerful transformation are technology, climate change and demographics.


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The Official Videos of the event (Youtube link)

The Official Videos of the event (Facebook link)



Professor Monica Gattinger, Director, ISSP, University of Ottawa


Keynote Speaker


Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow, ISSP, University of Ottawa



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