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Advisory Committee

The ISSP Advisory Committee is a voluntary, engaged group of stakeholder representatives from the academic, public and private sectors working for the success of the new institute. The mandate of the Committee includes both a review and a challenge role in relation to the scope of ISSP activities.

Core Group

The ISSP Core Group is a multidisciplinary team consisting of faculty from across the University of Ottawa. It participates in the planning and execution of Institute operations, including its education program, research agenda, and outreach and network activities.

Faculty Affiliates

ISSP Faculty Affiliates are University of Ottawa faculty who are authorized to supervise theses in subject matter covered by the Institute or who are principal investigators or co-investigators in ISSP research projects or research projects dealing with subject matter covered by the Institute.  They provide support to the ISSP and take part in Institute activities.

Senior Fellows

ISSP Fellows are professors, researchers or professionals from organizations other than the University of Ottawa who work with the ISSP in various capacities, including consultation, strategic advice and collaboration on projects.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Writers in Residence

The arts can make an important contribution to understandings of the intersections between science, society and policy. The ISSP's Writer in Residence embodies this pivotal role that the arts can play.


Meet the staff of the University of Ottawa's Institute for Science, Society and Policy.

Former Staff

Inaugural Director

Previous employees and consultants

Brendan Frank, 2020-2022

Brendan Frank was a Senior Research Associate with the ISSP and hosted the ISSP's podcast, Disruption Discovered. Mr. Frank came to the ISSP after three years as a Research Associate at Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission. His training is in science (Bachelor’s in Environmental Science, Queen’s University) and public policy (Master’s in Public Policy, University of Calgary), and he possesses strong research and knowledge mobilisation experience in the public, private and civic sectors. Brendan has worked previously with Natural Resources Canada and in Alberta's oil and gas sector, and is currently an Associate with Youth Climate Lab.

Rafael Dezordi, 2017-2022

Rafael was the Communications & Outreach Speciality at the ISSP. He is a communications professional, specialized in international communications and stakeholder management within the academic and scientific fields, to promote positive change and handle complex global information issues. 

Heather Millar, 2019-2020

Heather was a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellow with the Institute of Science, Society, and Policy at the University of Ottawa (2019-20)

Patricia Larkin, 2017-2019

Dr. Patricia Larkin began a postdoctoral fellowship at ISSP in June 2017 and eventually took on the role of Senior Research Associate. With a focus on the integration of health and environmental risk management in non-health sector policy and regulatory-based decision-making, Patricia completed her PhD Population Health at the University of Ottawa. Her thesis research resulted in the development of an integrated risk management framework for CCS in the Canadian context. Other research interests include health and environmental protection in hydraulic fracturing and best practice in CCS risk communication and public engagement as foundations of public acceptability. With respect to climate change adaptation, Patricia managed successful stakeholder engagement during a project with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada that resulted in a range of useful climate, agricultural, environmental, infrastructure, and health indicators to be used in a scenario-based risk assessment decision support tool for policy makers in agricultural and rural areas.

Stewart Fast, 2015-2018

Dr. Stewart fast was the ISSP Senior Research Associate and Research Director. He advanced strategic research directions of the ISSP, facilitated and managed several ongoing multidisciplinary research projects throughout research design, implementation, analysis and dissemination phases. He also developed new research focus areas, prepared grant applications and identified and advanced collaborations and partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.

Xavier Deschênes-Philion, 2017-2018

Xavier Deschênes-Philion was a research assistant for the @Risk and Positive Energy projects while also writing his PhD prospectus. 

Sherry Wasilow, 2015-2017

Dr. Wasilow managed ISSP operations, communications and publications, administered outreach and research activities, and recruited and supervised graduate and undergraduate students for a variety of projects and activities.

Rachel So, 2014-2015

Rachel So helped with the development of the graduate program in Science, Society and Policy, and with ISSP outreach and network development. 

Alin Charrière, 2013-2015

Alin Charrière provided support towards various ISSP activities. His projects included the creation of the Canadian Science Councils Archives and co-authoring timelines on nanotechnology and biofuels policy. He also coordinated, from inception to implementation, the ISSP's interdisciplinary symposium at Congress 2015 entitled Technological Unemployment and the Future of Work.

Sarah Farewell, 2013-2015

Sarah Farewell contributed administrative assistance to the ISSP. As the ISSP’s administrative assistant, Sarah contributed to the daily functioning of the Institute, including managing invoice accounts, contributing to event planning and promotion, updating website content, and maintaining a detailed archive of the ISSP’s activities. Sarah was also responsible for the production of the ISSP’s monthly newsletter, SSP News.

Marco Mueller, 2014-2015

Marco Mueller joined the ISSP in September 2014 as a student volunteer. He assisted with a digitization project for the Canadian Science Councils Archive.

Moxi Zhang, 2014-2015

Moxi Zhang assisted with the coordination of the 9th Annual Bromley Memorial Event at the University of Ottawa.  She has also conducted research and published on science policy matters in China alongside Senior ISSP Fellow, Margaret McCuaig-Johnston.

Katherine Fafard, 2014

Katherine contributed her background in the design and management of university-based research institutes with mandates in public policy and science research. As an experienced consultant, she contributed to the development of ISSP communications strategies.

Michael Bordt, 2013-2014

Michael Bordt assisted with the planning and coordination of the Science Policy Roundtable workshops and contributed to a series of policy briefs dealing with current issues in science-policy integration.

Sasha Kebo, 2012-2013

Sasha Kebo helped in developing of the ISSP's education program by coordinating workshops, and contributed to a series of policy briefs dealing with current issues in science-policy integration.

Jeremy Geelen, 2011-2013

As Project and Public Affairs Manager, Jeremy Geelen worked with the Director and Core Group in developing and implementing ISSP strategy. He co-managed the Institute's activities, oversaw its day-to-day operations and contributed to the Institute's research mandate.

Dara Marcus, 2013

Dara Marcus assisted in organizing Science and Society 2013: Emerging Agendas for Citizens and the Sciences and drafting the results document from the symposium.

Matthew Gaudreau, 2012-2013

Matthew Gaudreau worked on a series of policy briefs dealing with current issues in science-policy integration. The policy briefs were a key component of a SSHRC Public Outreach Grant awarded to the ISSP for the 2012/13 year, and covered topics such as knowledge integration, the evaluation and communication of uncertainty, and collaboration between scientists and policy makers. He also provided assistance in organizing Science and Society 2013: Emerging Agendas for Citizens and the Sciences.

Monica Harvey, 2013

Monica Harvey assisted in organizing Science and Society 2013: Emerging Agendas for Citizens and the Sciences and provided communication and research support on various ISSP projects, including being co-author of The Future is History, published by Policy Horizons Canada.

Carin Christou, 2011-2012

Carin Christou conducted research on science policy integration, the science and technology landscape and assisted on various ISSP projects. She also helped with grant applications and is co-author of the ISSP publication Governance of Emerging Technologies: Scan of International Institutions.

Dara Jospe, 2011-2012

Dara Jospe provided support on various ISSP projects including helping to draft the symposium report, Synthetic Biology at the Interface of Science and Policy. She also worked as a research assistant to Jennifer Chandler, an ISSP Core Group member, where she investigated topics such as neuro-imaging, organ donation, emerging therapies for drug addiction and the mitigation of psychological injuries and memory.

Valerie Harbour, 2012

Valerie Harbour provided support on various ISSP projects including Science and Society 2013: Emerging Agendas for Citizens and the Sciences.

Lucas Jurkovic, 2011

Lucas Jurkovic provided support on various ISSP projects including helping to draft the symposium report, Synthetic Biology at the Interface of Science and Policy.

In-Leng Ng, 2011

In-Leng Ng advised the ISSP on web strategy and helped develop ISSP web content.

Eve Heafey, 2010-2011

Eve Heafey researched the regulatory framework surrounding emerging nanotechnologies and advised the Director on regulatory developments in the field. She also co-authored the ISSP publication A Primer on Nanomaterials Regulation.

Anna Stoklosa, 2010-2011

Anna Stoklosa provided support on various ISSP projects, including being co-author on Commercial, Societal and Administrative Benefits from the Analysis and Clarification of Definitions: The Case of Nanomaterials.


  • Justine Lallement, 2013

Work Study Students

  • Alysha Aziz, 2019
  • Hodane Abdi, 2017
  • Anne Gauthier, 2013
  • Erika Decock, 2012-2013
  • Sonia Pavez, 2012-2013
  • Nasha Brownridge, 2012
  • Maham Saeed, 2011-2012
  • Fatima Alsalihiy, 2010-2011
  • Damien Broomes, 2010-2011
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