Mission and goals

Who We Are

Centered at the University of Ottawa, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy carries out research, teaching and public outreach on the relationship between society and science, innovation and technology.

What Makes Us Different

The ISSP offers a unique, holistic and non-partisan approach to understanding the social implications of science and technology.  We’re interested in how to use these different perspectives to inform science and technology policy.

Our Objective is to improve the governance of science, technology and innovation.  We’ll do this by integrating research, education and public engagement at every stage of innovation - from developing science policy to improving how it is regulated to understanding its social implications.

Our Long Term Goal is to develop highly-skilled people and top quality research that will inform and improve decision-making about science and technology, both at home and internationally.

What We Do

  • Conduct research and disseminate its results to relevant decision-makers.
  • Develop a graduate program as well as executive courses.
  • Engage the public through outreach activities that help to foster genuine dialogue.
  • Act as a hub to an extensive network of University of Ottawa faculty and other scholars as well as numerous organizations dedicated to science policy. 

How We Work

  • Holistically. Bringing together disparate disciplines to create a synthesized understanding of complex issues.
  • Impartially. Our position is non-partisan and neither for nor against new technologies. We aim to ensure that the ethical, regulatory, business and social implications are well understood.
  • Practically. Helping to shape public policy by proposing concrete options.
  • On the cutting edge. Investigating emerging technologies that matter today - or will matter tomorrow

Our Scope

Three key themes:

Policy FOR
Science & Innovation Policy
Technology (Assessment) & Governance
Science FOR  
Evidence-based Decision-making
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