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Monica Gattinger (2015 - )

Monica Gattinger

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to have been appointed Director of the University of Ottawa's Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP). Since coming on board in the fall 2015, I have become increasingly impressed by the breadth and depth of the ISSP's network of leading scholars, fellows, affiliates and students at the University of Ottawa and beyond. Everyone has given me a warm and enthusiastic welcome, and I am excited about charting the future together.

Inaugural Director Dr. Marc Saner built a first-rate Institute, and I look forward to building on the solid foundations he put in place. I plan to focus on strengthening the Institute's research capacity and research programs, its outreach efforts, notably convening dialogue between and among academics and senior practitioners on salient issues of science, society and policy, and expanding our teaching and training programs, including our recently launched Collaborative Master's in Science, Society and Policy. If we have not yet met, please say hello at one of our upcoming events. I look forward to meeting you.


Marc Saner (2010 - 2015)

Marc Saner

Dear colleagues,

Within five years, we went from an idea to a thriving network with six faculties that furnish the members of the management team, approximately 30 uOttawa professors affiliated, an additional 25 leading thinkers from across the country in fellowship positions or on our Advisory Committee, and an opt-in bilingual mailing list with approximately 1200 subscribers.

Our first graduate education program, the Collaborative Masters in Science, Society and Policy started in the fall 2015. Research remains alive and well. The ISSP has so far played mostly the role of match-maker, facilitator and connective tissue to help scholars tie together our three areas of focus: (1) science for policy (for example, evidence-based decision-making), (2) policy for science (for example, science and innovation policy) and (3) technology governance (for example, regulation and ethics). Our outreach activities are creative and maximize available resources. The transfer of leadership from the Faculty of Arts to a Consortium led by the Faculty of Social Sciences means that the internal competition to select my successor will be led by the Social Sciences in collaboration with the Vice-President Research Office. I am looking forward to the vision of the next Director, as I will remain involved in teaching ISSP courses.

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