Dr. Tee Guidotti Book Launch - March 2015

Dr. Tee L. Guidotti

Presentation Abstract

The popularity of the idea of “sustainability” and its increasing acceptance by the business sector, provides a new platform for gains in health and environmental quality with less friction and confrontation. A new book explores links between health and sustainability, frameworks for analyzing relationships, ways of knowing, and career options.

Dr. C. Scott Findlay (Biology, uOttawa) will follow with a brief commentary to share some additional insights on sustainability.

Book Description

Health and Sustainability: An Introduction details how the science and values of sustainability can be applied to health protection and population health. By providing a practical framework for understanding complicated sustainability problems related to health, the book offers an authoritative resource for understanding the relationship between health and sustainability policies and practice. 

Students and practitioners in health can benefit from this introduction to sustainability, and those in sustainability and environmental studies will benefit from this application to human health.  Health and Sustainability offers a roadmap for successfully integrating these approaches for healthier people and environment.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Tee L. Guidotti has had a long and diverse career as a physician, professor of public health and medicine, and international consultant.  His core field of expertise is occupational and environmental medicine.  He has had a career spanning four decades in clinical medicine, public health teaching and practice, environmental protection and research.  Dr. Guidotti is the recipient of the William S. Knudsen Award for Lifetime Achievement in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, a co-founder of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, the President-Elect for Sigma-Xi (starting July 2015) and Chair of the Expert Panel on wind turbine noise and human health of the Council of Canadian Academies.

He is currently based in the Washington, DC area, and is at the University of Ottawa as the inaugural Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Science and Society.

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