Risk Management, Democratization and Evidence-Based Decision-Making - May 2016

Risk table

Workshop and reception to mobilize existing knowledge, foster relationships and elucidate promising areas of shared interest. Participants included senior practitioners from the energy, genomics and public health sectors and faculty and students from seven universities and multiple disciplines including political science, engineering, communications, psychology, geography, law and philosophy.

We are pleased to acknowledge financial support from a SSHRC Connection Grant and financial and partner support from Genome Canada, the Geological Survey of Canada, and the Faculty of Social Science for the workshop


Workshop agenda (PDF file)


The Official Videos of the event (Youtube link)

The Official Videos of the event (Facebook link)

Opening remarks

Dr. Monica Gattinger, Director, Institute for Science, Society and Policy

Keynote Speaker

Michelle Driedger

Prof. Michelle Dreidger - Canada Research Chair Tier II in Environment and Health Risk Communication, University of Manitoba (PDF presentation)

Session 1 - Motivated reasoning and cultural cognition theory in the Canadian context

First session

Professor Simon Kiss, Digital Media and Journalism, Wilfrid Laurier University; Professor Eric Montpetit, Département de science politique, Université de Montréal; and Professor Erick Lachapelle, Département de science politique, Université de Montréal (PDF presentation)

Session 2 - Environmental Destruction versus Responsible Trade versus Domestic Bliss: Assessing the Representation of Risk in Civil Society, Aboriginal, Industry and Government Bitumen Sands Advertising

Second session

Laura Nichol, M.A. Candidate and Professor Patrick McCurdy, Department of Communication, Core Member of the ISSP, University of Ottawa (PDF presentation)

Session 3 - Communicating Health Risks across Multicultural Populations: Key Considerations 

Third session

Professor Rukhsana Ahmed, Department of Communication, Core Member of the ISSP, University of Ottawa (PDF presentation)

Session 4 - Genetic discrimination laws

Fourth session

Professor Yann Joly (Department of Human Genetics, McGill University, Centre of Genomics and Policy) (PDF presentation)

Session 5 - Measles, Moral Regulation and the Social Constructions of Risk

Fifth session

Professor Josh Greenberg (School of Journalism & Communication, Carleton University) and Ph.D. Candidate Gabriela Capurro (School of Journalism & Communication, Carleton University) (PDF presentation)

Session 6 - Unconventional Gas Development

Ph.D. Candidate Laura Nourallah, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa, Research Associate at the ISSP (PDF presentation)

Session 7 - Wind turbine syndrome

Dr. Stewart Fast, Senior Research Associate, ISSP, University of Ottawa (PDF presentation)

Session 8 - Contextualized understanding of public values through technically informed public deliberation: the case of salmon genomics

Eighth session

Professor Kieran O’Doherty, Psychology, University of Guelph and Professor Michael Burgess, Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia (PDF presentation)

Session 9 - Science-informed decision-making

Ninth session

Professor Scott Findlay, Biology, Institute for the Environment, Core Member of the ISSP, University of Ottawa (PDF presentation)

Session 10 - Responsible Innovation and Risk Governance

Tenth session

Professor Marc Saner, Geography, Inaugural Director and Core Member of the ISSP, University of Ottawa and Professor Heather Douglas, Philosophy, University of Waterloo (PDF presentation)

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