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Interdisciplinary Capacity and Research

The public policy challenges at the interface of science and society are very diverse and often require an interdisciplinary perspective as can be seen in our academic papers and reports for clients below.

In addition to academic and contract work, the ISSP selects research projects of broad community interest. In 2013, these included an initiative to preserving important (but hard to find) documents from the Science Council of Canada and other key institutions (Science Council Archive), and a major initiative to support innovation policy making in Canada (Innovation Decalogue). 

The ISSP maintains strong ties among its research network of academics, independent researchers, practitioners and students. It is also attracting a Fulbright Research Chair in 2014 and is hiring a new Canada Research Chair in the history of innovation policy in Canada.  

Finally, we engage in partnerships. We organized a symposium in collaboration with Situating Science and participated in an application for a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Grant. Entitled Sciences, Technologies, and Publics, the project (funded at the letter-of-intent level) aims to affect how policy makers, the media and politicians think about the roles of science and technology in society, as well as filling gaps in current scholarship.


Policy Briefs on the Science/Policy Interface
  1. Researchers are from Mars; Policymakers are from Venus: Collaboration across the System. (PDF, 499 KB) By Matthew Gaudreau and Marc Saner
  2. From Many to One: Integration of Knowledge and Values in Decision-making. (PDF, 552 KB) By Matthew Gaudreau and Marc Saner
  3. Dealing with Not Knowing: Evaluating and Communicating Uncertainty at the Science/Policy Interface. (PDF, 580 KB) By Matthew Gaudreau, Michael Bordt and Marc Saner
  4. (Workshop Backgrounder) Making it Work: Incentives to Improve the Science/Policy Interface. (PDF, 766 KB) By Sasha Kebo and Marc Saner   
  5. (Workshop Report) Top Five Management Incentives to Improve the Science/Policy Interface. (PDF, 739 KB) By Michael Bordt and Marc Saner
  6. A Map of the Interface between Science & Policy. (PDF, 601 KB) By Marc Saner
  7. The Role and Responsibilities of the Scientist in Public Policy: A Discussion Paper on Science and Government. (PDF, 1.1 MB) By Bill Jarvis
  8. A Question of Balance: New Approaches for Science Based Regulations. (PDF, 450 KB) By Bill Jarvis 
Other Publications
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