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Marc Saner

The future is here.  Science and technology are transforming our world, our politics and our lives in ways that many of us never dreamed possible.  The ISSP aims to facilitate discussion, inform good governance, build capacity and ensure the smooth adaptation to this future.

 The Institute takes a broad perspective on science policy and technology governance.  We embrace a diversity of methods and outlooks in our teaching, research and public engagement activities.

In its short life, the ISSP has achieved considerable success in projects ranging from the post-human future to Canadian innovation policy.  We will continue working with academics, practitioners and the general public in exploring the urgent issues at the intersection of science, society and policy.  And we look forward to teaching the next generation of thought leaders.

Thank you for visiting the site.  I invite you to explore the activities we’ve undertaken so far, and I encourage you to send us a note with any comments or questions you might have.

Marc Saner


About the ISSP

Science and technology continue to accelerate and change the world around us. Combined with the almost unimaginable opportunities for the future comes uncertainty on how society can adapt and how risks can be managed.

The Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP), started in 2010, builds capacity on this topic through research, education, and outreach.

The ISSP is managed by a multidisciplinary group of professors from the faculties of Arts, Engineering, Law, Management, Medicine, Science and Social Science. 

Our activities span science and innovation policy, evidence-based decision-making, and technology governance. We address issues from the funding of the S&T enterprise, through its regulatory oversight to its social implications.

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