21 November 2016: What are we to make of open data policies?

The Institute for Science, Society and Policy hosted an expert panel discussion about the promises and pitfalls of open data policy: “What are we to make of open data policies?”

ISSP core member and Professor Daniel J. Paré, president of the Canadian Communication Association, chaired the event, which was the second of the ISSP's panel series for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Left to right: Robert Giggey, Teresa Scassa, Dan Paré, and Renee Sieber

  • Professor Renee Sieber, McGill School of Environment & Department of Geography, McGill University
  • Professor Teresa Scassa, Canada Research Chair in Information Law, Faculty of Law, uOttawa
  • Robert Giggey, Program Manager, Content Design & Development, ServiceOttawa, City of Ottawa
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