17 January 2017: Electrification - From the What to the How

Left to right: Allan Fogwill, Monica Gattinger, Francis Bradley

The Institute for Science, Society and Policy hosted a special presentation by Allan Fogwill, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Research Institute, on "Electrification: From the What to the How."

Mr. Fogwill discussed a newly released report called "Greenhouse Gas Emissions reductions in Canada through Electrification of Energy Services."
An economy-wide transition from current fuel-based energy use to one dominated by electricity may be able to satisfy future energy demands, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This would require changing an array of devices, such as vehicles, across all sectors of the economy as well as a much larger electricity generation and transmission infrastructure than exists today. This presentation will address the significant economic impacts resulting from new investments, stranded assets, and changes to oil, gas and electricity markets across Canada.
ISSP Director Monica Gattinger chaired the session.
A moderated discussion with Monica Gattinger, Allan Fogwill, and Francis Bradley, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Electricity Association, followed Mr. Fogwill's remarks.
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